Bestiář v Lords of Xulima

Bestiař obsahuje celkem 82 druhů jednotek, které jsou roztříděny do šesti samostaných kategorií - Humans (15 zástupců), Animals and Beasts (22 zástupců), Living Dead (14 zástupců), Demons (13 zástupců), Ogres (10 zástupců) a Creatures of Nature (8 zástupců). Popisy jednotlivých ras naleznete hned pod tabulkou.

Humans Animals and Beasts Living Dead Demons Ogres Creatures of Nature
Burglar Rat Skeleton Cursed Hound Young Askary Warrior Bolento
Soldier Giant Rat Dead Archer Gulfrin Askary Soldier Vermolio
Archer Wasp Ice Archer Cursed Hound Askary Rider Soniara
Bard Brown Spider Fire Archer Dolfrin Askary Shaman Rasmaga
Weapon Master Raven Venomous Bones Ancient Cursed Hound Ulrog Warrior Odendro
Priestess Braptor Spectral Knight Zoscura Ulrog Soldier Earth Golem
Wizard Venom Wasp Mummy Dabruz Ogre Old Odendro
Thief Red Raven Vampire Mormura Yotum Young Earth Guardian
Elite Soldier Grazino Necromancer Kabruz Ancient Ogre
Elite Archer Black Widow Royal Mummy Morgoloz Yotum Adult
Bandit Giant Wasp Ancient Vampire Tanaxas
Master Bard Tiraptor Lich Bragoloz
Great Weapon Master Swamp Rat Nightmare Valarinzo
High Priestess Gotauro Lich King
Master of Sorcery Giant Raven
Green Death
Sand Worm
Ancient Sand Worm
Emerald Wyvern
Ruby Wyvern

Humans: Soldiers, archers, thieves, wizards, kings, witches ... Humans are the pinnacle achievement of the Lords of Xulima, as all of the Lords were involved in their creation. Humans can be challenging enemies; their intelligence allows them to master many arts that they can use in combat. There is a reason that the Lords of Xulima have named humans as the inheritors of the World.

Animals and Beasts: From the lowliest rat to the grandest of dragons; the Goddess Raznet is considered to be the Lord of Beasts, and her wild and untamed spirit is reflected in each one of her creations.

Living Dead: It is said that when a human dies their soul is taken by the ninth Lord of Xulima, Yul, the Guardian of Souls. However, there are times when the soul is ripped from the body before death by a higher power, and the body, without real life, remains in the world, terrorizing the living.

Demons: Valvet is the Lord of Fire and Anger. His powerful offspring inhabit the volcanic areas of Xulima where they feed on energy and heat. As they were the first created, they are hostile to all other forms of life, seeing them as inferiors that distract them from their dark thoughts.

Ogres: According to legends, many of the Lords of Xulima participated in the creation of the Ogre races and that they were created just before the creation of the race of men. They are intelligent, though not as much as humans, who they surpass in strength and endurance. In Xulima, they have been the enemies of Mankind from the beginning, and so the creation of humans was marred from the start by grief and wars.

Creatures of Nature: Febret, the most beautiful of the Goddesses, is the Lady of all beings that grow from the earth. The majority of them are beautiful and peaceful, but in Xulima, many of these creatures walk and crawl, and attack travelers that attempt to enter the forests they protect.