Master of Sorcery

There are no more than ten of these powerful Masters of Sorcery. They love destruction above all. They are so respected, that only they can work directly with the Princes.

Level: Race: Experience:
32 Human 900
Atttibutes Resistances
Hit Points *) 130 / 180 / Fire 10 Stun 0
Power Points 500 Cold 10 Bleed 0
Speed 22 Electric 10 Wounds 0
Initiative 32 Organic 10 Physical 0
Defense 35 Mental 10 Fear 0
Evasion 35 Divine 10 Death 0
Meteor: Lv 2 Target: One enemy
Effects: A large rock plummets down from the sky, causing heavy damage and wounds to one target.
Blizzard: Lv 4 Target: All enemies
Effects: Summon a blizzard which sweeps across the battlefield, causing cold damage to all enemies with chance of freezing.
Fireball: Lv 3 Target: One enemy
Effects: Launch a fireball which explodes on impact, causing fire damage to three enemies at the same time.
Icy Shards: Lv 5 Target: One enemy
Effects: Rain sharp shards of ice down on one enemy inflicting multiple, deep cuts.
Treasure Classic Old-School Veteran Hardcore
Gold: 200 g.c.
Items: Magic Potion IV: Restores a large amount of the user's Power points. - Restores 100 PP.
*) hodnota závisí na zvolené obtížnosti hry - Classic / Old-School Veteran / Hardcore