Vampires are trapped between life and death, warm blood continues to flow through their cold bodies, as long as they keep it replenished. Their life is a constant torment, thus stoking their eager thirst to drink the blood of the living. When sated with blood, vampires heal and grow in power.

Level: Race: Experience:
30 Undead 850
Atttibutes Resistances
Hit Points *) 180 / 260 / Fire 10 Stun 50
Power Points 180 Cold 50 Bleed 0
Speed 28 Electric 50 Wounds 50
Initiative 35 Organic 50 Physical 0
Defense 50 Mental 10 Fear 100
Evasion 45 Divine 0 Death 100
Vampire Claw: Lv 30 Target: One enemy on the front row
Effects: +132 Attack, 50 HP Physical, 18 Bleeds.
Icy Touch: Lv 5 Target: One enemy on the front row
Effects: Freeze one target, preventing it from moving or defending against attacks.
Infected by Undeath Creep: Maximum Hit points decreased by 30%.
Treasure Classic Old-School Veteran Hardcore
Gold: 280 g.c.
Items: None
*) hodnota závisí na zvolené obtížnosti hry - Classic / Old-School Veteran / Hardcore