Ancient Ogre

It is said that the Ogres are immortal, and far from weaken with age, but instead simply grow stronger and more cunning. These creatures are said to have lived during the Great War, during which they took thousands of human lives.

Level: Race: Experience:
45 Ogre 1800
Atttibutes Resistances
Hit Points *) 700 / 1000 / Fire Stun
Power Points 46 Cold Bleed
Speed 35 Electric Wounds
Initiative 50 Organic Physical
Defense 80 Mental Fear
Evasion 60 Divine Death
Spiked Club: Lv 40 Target: One enemy on the front row
Effects: +172 Attack, 96 HP Physical, 16 Bleeds, 96 Stun.
Treasure Classic Old-School Veteran Hardcore
Gold: No
Items: None
*) hodnota závisí na zvolené obtížnosti hry - Classic / Old-School Veteran / Hardcore