Lich King

Lich Kings are so powerful that many think of them as demi - gods that the Guardian of Souls himself has called forth to serve. These kings of dark summoning can bring into the living world the darkest of the undead lineage to fight in their armies.

Level: Race: Experience:
80 Undead 7500
Atttibutes Resistances
Hit Points *) 1100 / 1500 / Fire 80 Stun 30
Power Points 2600 Cold 100 Bleed 100
Speed 56 Electric 80 Wounds 0
Initiative 120 Organic 100 Physical 0
Defense 120 Mental 80 Fear 100
Evasion 70 Divine 0 Death 100
Skull of Terror: Lv 80 Target: One enemy
Effects: Lift and capture the magical energy of one target and it is transferred to the caster. +330 Attack, 74 HP divine.
Summon Ancient Vampire: Lv 80 Target: None
Effects: Summon Ancient Vampire.
Summon Royal Mummy: Lv 80 Target: None
Effects: Summon Royal Mummy.
Summon Frozen Bones: Lv 80 Target: None
Effects: Summon Frozen Bones.
Summon Burning Bones: Lv 80 Target: None
Effects: Summon Burning Bones.
Treasure Classic Old-School Veteran Hardcore
Gold: 2800 g.c.
Items: None
*) hodnota závisí na zvolené obtížnosti hry - Classic / Old-School Veteran / Hardcore