They are the generals of the demon armies. Only Xabraluz, the Demon King, exceeds the Valarinzos in power and rank. They are famous for freezing their victims and then destroying them bit by bit with meteor showers.

Level: Race: Experience:
90 Demon 6500
Atttibutes Resistances
Hit Points *) 1400 / 2000 / Fire 50 Stun 39
Power Points 4000 Cold 60 Bleed 0
Speed 45 Electric 100 Wounds 39
Initiative 70 Organic 60 Physical 0
Defense 120 Mental 60 Fear 100
Evasion 80 Divine 60 Death 100
Frostball: Lv 4 Target: One enemy
Effects: Launch an orb of frost which explode on impact with the target, causing damage to three enemies at the same time.
Comets Shower: Lv 1 Target: One enemy
Effects: A shower of icy comets hovers over a unique and unfortunate enemy.
Life Absorption: Lv 5 Target: One enemy
Effects: Lift and capture the life force of one target and it is transferred to the caster.
Treasure Classic Old-School Veteran Hardcore
Gold: No
Items: Valarinzo Horn: A Valarinzo horn. They are very rare, considering the original owner is a very powerful creature. It can be ground into a balm which will enhance nimbleness and speed. - Improves the Energy attribute by 1 point. - Improves the Speed attribute by 1 point.
*) hodnota závisí na zvolené obtížnosti hry - Classic / Old-School Veteran / Hardcore